An Introduction to STEM Programming with Python 3 (2019-09-03a)

Text book with total flexibility to teach the class how you want it.

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This book started out as class notes for a summer gifted boot-camp I was asked to do at a local community college. After some reflection, I thought that I could expand the notes to become a teaching outline for an Introduction to Computer Programming course, I teach at Shawnee State University.

Over the last several years it has become a full text for one class and a collection of additional chapters that can be used in several classes (if a student has a basic understanding of Python).

NOTE: some of the later chapters are a single page outlines or contain placeholders where additional information will be added. If there is a chapter with missing or incomplete text, I would appreciate help creating new material or giving me a poke to complete the work.

James M. Reneau Ph.D

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